Are you interested in a FUN, INTERACTIVE program that teaches
Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Critical Thinking and
Test Taking Strategies?

is designed to support teacher's efforts to raise student's standardized test scores.
motivates students to learn how to express themselves within the confines of a given form.
supports your teaching with the Aural, Visual & Tactile benefits of music.

FORM = FREEDOM to Express Thoughts

Due to the 2020-21 school adjustments for the COVID-19 pandemic, JazzSLAM has created a pre-recorded presentation! Please see NEWS !! for more details.

For one hour, students soar out of their everyday world as they clap, stomp & dance with our live, intergenerational, multicultural jazz quartet. They experience how song forms and improvisation are similar to writing essays. They learn how "Read, Think & Respond" questions are similar to the "12 Bar Blues"; how Narrative Essay Form is similar to "A-A-B-A" Song Form; and how Opinion and Explanatory Essay Forms are similar to "Verse-Chorus" Song Form.

Students reach new levels of understanding mathematical concepts by experiencing how Units of Measurement (Math Subdivisions) are similar to the subdivisions of The Musical Beat.

Finally, JazzSLAM promotes diversity as students learn about African, European, Native American & Hispanic contributions to this unique American art form.

JazzSLAM is thrilled to announce a JEN/JazzSLAM partnership to offer FREE national JazzSLAM presentations!  The collaboration will launch as part of JEN’s (Jazz Education Network) outreach at the annual 2020 conference in New Orleans.

JazzSLAM's home base for Broward County Live in School presentations remains permanently part of The Gold Coast Jazz Society  Local presentations are made possible through grant support provided to the Gold Coast Jazz Society by Broward County Public Schools, Children's Opportunity Group, Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, the Frank Pace Foundation, The Community Foundation of Broward, Broward County Division of Cultural Affairs SEAS Program, The Holman Automotive Group and Publix Supermarket Charities.