Broward County Public Schools that have had JazzSLAM presentations 2003 - May 2020 (Most recent 6 years noted in parenthesis). Many schools have a presentation on a regular yearly basis.

Atlantic West Elementary School

North Fork Elementary (’08,’11,’17,’19)

Banyan Elementary School (’19)

North Lauderdale Elementary School* (’13)

Bayview Elementary School

North Side Elementary (’13,’14,’16,’17,’19)

Beachside Montessori Elem. School (’16,’17)

Nova Blanche Forman Elem.(’08,’18)

Bennett Elementary School* (’15)

Oakland Park Elementary* (’07,’08,’15)

Bethune Elementary School* (’12,’15,’20)

Oakridge Elementary (’12)

Blair Middle School

Orange Brook Elementary School*

Boyd Anderson High School teachers

Oriole Elementary School* (’14)

Boulevard Heights Elem.* (’08,’11,’14)

Palmview Elementary (’13,’16,’18)

Broward Children’s Center

Park Lakes Elementary School* (’07,’08)

Bright Horizons Center (ESE) (’14)

Park Ridge Elem School* (’09,’12,’13,’17)

Broward Estates Elementary (’11, ’12)

Park Springs Elementary School

C. Robert Markham Elementary (’17)

Park Trails Elementary School (’07,’08)

Castle Hill Elementary (’09)

Parkway Middle School*

Challenger Elementary (’12,’16)

Pasadena Lakes Elementary (’09,’12)

Chapel Trail Elementary School (’10,’11)

Pembroke Pines Central (’09,’15,’18)

Collins Elementary School *

Pembroke Pines Charter East (’09,’16,’17,’18,’19)

Coconut Palm Elementary (’10,’11,’19)

Pembroke Pines Charter West (’18)

Colbert Museum Magnet Elementary (’17,’19)

Pembroke Pines Charter FSU ES (’19)

Country Hills Elementary (’15)

Pembroke Pines Elem School (’18,’19)

Croissant Park Elementary (’11,’12)

Peters Elementary School (’11,’13,’15)

Cyprus Elementary School (’18,’19)

Pines Charter East Elementary (’14)

Central Charter School (’18)

Pinewood Elementary School (’10,’11,’18,’19)

Dania Beach Elementary (’15)

Plantation Charter Elementary (’11,’14,’17)

Davie Elementary School (’10,’14,’17)

Plantation Middle School

Deerfield Beach Elementary (’10,’13,’15,’18)

Plantation Park Elementary* (’08)

Deerfield Park Elementary (’13,’15)

Pompano Beach Elem School (’15,’16,’17,’18)

Dillard Elementary School (’13,’19)

Pompano High School

Dolphin Bay Elementary School (’16)

Quiet Waters Elementary (’10,’13,’15)

Driftwood Elementary School* (’08,’13,’16,’18,’19)

Rock Island Elem School* (’09,’13,’15,’16)

Flamingo Elementary School (’08,’15,’17)

Royal Palm Elementary School* (’08,’19)

Floranada Elementary School (’10)

Rickards Middle at Florinada Annex

Forest Hills Elementary School (’14,’16,’19)

Riverland Elementary* (’09)

Harbordale Elementary School (’11,’12)

Sanders Park Elementary School* (’10,’13,’14)

Hawks Bluff Elementary School (’11,’12)

Sandpiper Elementary School (’10,’11,’17)

Heron Heights Elementary School (’19)

Sawgrass Elementary School (’16)

Horizon Elementary School (’10,’12,’14,’17)

Sheridan Hills Elem School (’09,’13,’14,’16)

Hollywood Hills Elementary (’11,’12)

Sheridan Park Elementary School (’08,’15)

Hollywood Park Elementary (’08)

Silver Lakes Elementary School (’07,’08,’13,’14,’16,’18)

Hunt Elementary School (’14,’18)

Silver Palms Elementary School (’20)

Imagine Charter* (’08,’11,’14,’15)

Silver Shores Elementary (’13,’15,’18)

Larkdale Elementary School* (’07,’08’14’18)

Silver Trail Middle School

Lake Forest Elementary School (’15,’17)

Stirling Elementary School (’09,’20)

Lakeside Elementary School (’16)

Sunland Park Elementary* (’07,’08)

Lauderdale Manors Elementary (’11,’12)

Sunshine Elementary School (’16)

Lauderhill Paul Turner Elem School*

Tedder Elementary (’13,’14,’17,’19)

Liberty Elementary (’17,’19)

Thurgood Marshall Elem* School (’09,’13,’17,’18,’19)

Lloyd Estates Elementary (’15)

Tradewinds Elementary School

Dr. ML King Elem.*(’09,’13,’15,’16,2/19,10/19)

Virginia Shuman Young Elementary (’15,’18)

Margate Elementary (’17)

Village Elementary (’17,’19)

McNab Elementary School (’10,’11,’14,’16,’17)

Walker Elem School* (’09,’11,’13,’15,’19)

Meadowbrook Elementary* (’07,’08)

Watkins Elementary school (’10,’11)

Mirrow Lakes Elementary* (’10,’14,’19)

Westchester Elementary School (’08,’14)

Morrow Elementary School (’09,’13,’14)

Westglades Middle School

New Renaissance Middle School

Westwood Heights Elementary* (’12,’14,’15)

Nob Hill Elementary School (’09)

Wilton Manors Elementary (’12,’14)

Norcrest Elementary School (’08)

Winston Park Elementary (’10,’11)

North Andrews Garden Elementary* (’12)

W.J. Bryan Elementary (’15)

All Broward County public school presentations have been given through grants to Gold Coast Jazz Society (* Title One schools). For a full list of donors, please reference "DONORS" Tab.

In addition to the above listed Quartet Presentations, Mari Bell has taught JazzSLAM concepts to small groups of elementary and middle school students at 18 Broward County Parks & Recreation Centers in the spring and summer of 2004 as part of The Cultural Caravan, funded by Cultural Affairs and Parks and Recreation Dept. and in 2007 for The Deerfield Housing Authority Afterschool Project S.H.A.R.E Program, funded by Children's Services Council.

Ms. Bell has been an Artist in Residence teaching JazzSLAM concepts and essay/song writing at the following schools: 2005 at Toussaint L'Ouverture High School in Delray Beach through a grant from JAMS and in 2006 at Seminole Middle School through a 6 weeks grant from the Broward County Board of Education.