J. Willis
Grades K-5
Virginia Shuman Young Elementary
(August 2018)

The presentation was amazing. Not only did the students learn to connect music with other subject areas, they also got to experience phenomenal musicianship.

Thanks so much !!

M. Charlot
4th Grade Teacher
Silver Shores Elementary
(September 2018)

Students were discussing the beats and the notes with math fractions. We have been looking at a lot of maps and relating to Native Americans. They asked about names of Native American tribes in FL.

I really enjoyed the energy that the group brought. I think they packed a lot of important lessons from different subjects brilliantly with music. My favorite was the opinion lesson with The Little Mermaid .

I'm going to use the Social Studies & Writing and Math again in my class.

M. Brown
4th Grade Teacher
Pembroke Pines Elementary
(October 2018)

They are using fractions and music to solve math equations.

They are applying the history of jazz, the notes, and beats of the music to solving word problems.

Mrs. Martinez
5th Grade Teacher
Pembroke Pines Charter ES - West
(October 2018)

My students were surprised to learn how you can integrate so many different academic skills when learning about music.

I truly loved the way JazzSLAM demonstrated how music and culture are so closely related.

A. Reid
5th Grade Teacher
Palmview Elementary
(December 2018)

Heightened focus, and using context clues, strategies from Language Arts to apply meaning to music. Acceptance and greater appreciation of Jazz music, and how it influences their culture.

The opportunity for students to be exposed to such an interactive, cultural, and musical experience that exposed them to aspects of Jazz history, and the integration of music to academics!

D. Kefalas
5th Grade Teacher
Driftwood Elementary
(November 2018)

They are using the strategies learned in writing their essays. They didn't realize how writing can tie into music.

Excellent presentation !!


Ms. Tracy Jackson
Collins Elementary
(February 2018)

Dear Mrs. Bell,

Thank you so much for the wonderful JazzSLAM presentation for students at Collins Elementary School. Your musical presentation has brought a little sunshine to our hearts and demonstrates the true model of good will. Please accept our thank you letter in appreciation for your dedicated community partnership that joins in our quest to celebrate high-quality learning and student achievement.

Mrs. Morris
4th Grade Teacher,
North Fork Elementary
((November 2017))

JazzSLAM was an amazing show that captivated the attention of all students!

The students said they learned about the history of music and musicians. How music is related to math (fractions). I have observed in my classroom the students relating fractions to all types of music. They are incorporating the history of music into their writing essays.

Ms. Hansberger
5th Grade Teacher,
McNab Elementary
(September 2017)

My students learned test taking strategies, fractions, beat and rhythm. They talked about how they learned about the history of blues.

Mr. Jones
4th & 5th Grade Teacher,
Plantation Elementary
(November 2017)

The students were reminded of the same narrative writing elements that are taught in the classroom.

One teacher commented - "This is the most fun we had learning writing".

Mrs. Silensky
5th Grade Teacher,
Horizon Elementary
(December 2017)

They didn't realize there were so many skills inside music. They thought "Music was just music!"

Ms. Wilton
4th Grade Teacher,
Margate Elementary
(October 2017)

The students were unaware that there are fractions in music beats. They were completely dumbfounded that even percentages are part of music beats as well.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to present an entertaining performance that took our students on a journey into the world of music which provided an interactive opportunity for our students to practice making the connection between music/songs along with roots in social studies, language arts and mathematics.