Student Letter from
Class of Ms. P. Watson
4th/5th Grade Teacher,
Virginia Shuman Young Elementary
(September 2015)

"Thank you so very much for performing at VSY!  That was the most fun I have ever had at an assembly - EVER!  Your group was amazing.

Thank you for also teaching us some math as well.  My favorite part about the assembly was when you taught us that pattern to the beat.  That was super FUN! "


Ms. K. Goldstein
5th Grade Teacher,
Lloyd Estates Elementary
(October 2015)

Students enjoyed learning content through music.  Students learned that there are patterns in music, notes are written as fractions, and that most people in America came from other places. The show is great!  We really enjoyed the teaching of informational and opinion writing through the study of some lyrics.


Ms. G. Herrera
4th Grade Teacher,
Peters Elementary
(November 2015)

Students are connecting music to math.   My students now realize that fractions are EVERYWHERE! They learned that the history of jazz started from a lot of people.  There are fractions in math and also measures in music.  It was a nice way for students to connect math and music.


Ms. S. Brown
4th Grade Teacher,
Rock Island Elementary
(December 2015)

As a result of the JazzSLAM presentation, my students were eager to get back to class and use their laptops to research famous jazz musicians and to complete current event activities.  They learned that New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz. They also learned that jazz can be used to learn fractions, poetry and Social Studies.  I plan on using the counts for the musical notes to help students add fractions. I would like to create a thematic unit built around Jazz to teach 5th Grade ELA's Math Content.


Mr. Myers
5th Grade Teacher,
West Hollywood Elementary
(January 2016)

My students are trying to apply the writing techniques that were presented. I see it in some of the students' work.  I love having JazzSLAM come to our school.  The kids love it and it gets them engaged in music and other content areas at the same time.